Published December 31, 2012 by Sunny Rowe
David knew the zeal of the Lord would perform it~

David knew the zeal of the Lord would perform it~

David bows his head and says “Yes, Lord”. Then he raises his eyes to heaven and shouts out a praise to the Lord for this work the Lord has entrusted to him. And, again he says “Yes, Lord”! He looks around him and sees that he is alone; all the others have backed far off. He smiles to himself, knowing he will only have one chance to make this happen – just one. His heart thrumps within his chest, as he marvels that he Lord would choose him to do this. Yet, there is no fear, for he knows without a doubt that his Lord is with him, and has called him into battle.

He bends over and quickly picks up three stones.. one for the sling and two for the hand. He has spent years guarding his flock from predator attacks, and he is confident of his ability with the sling. He stands up and begins to twirl the sling as the giant Goliath stomps and roars before him. David is quick, much quicker than Goliath. He knows with all his experience he must get close enough for the perfect shot, but not too close. He must stay out of the range of the enemy. He picks up the speed on the twirling sling as he dances before the giant. He needs to maneuver the giant into position for a shot. Faster and faster spins the sling, and it has become an extension of David’s right arm, and David feels it. Knows the rhythm, and feels the power of the Lord explode into his arm. This is it! This is the moment! David releases the sling and casts the stone; he  is so quick that before the sling ceases humming, he has placed another stone, and the twirling begins anew.  Yet, he knows his cast was true. His stone has hit the target dead on.

But you, O Lord are a shield around me~

But you, O Lord are a shield around me~

A mighty whosh of air escapes Goliath as the stone reaches its target. He looks surprised, then his eyes roll up into his head, and he falls, crashing to the ground. Between heartbeats, David is upon him, sword in hand and the mighty power of God is extended into the sword in the hands of this lowliest of lowly beings. A lowly shepherd boy. A guarder of the flock. A poet. A maker of music.

With a final swing of the blade, Goliath is dead. Forever. Slain by a young, yet powerful boy, whose power comes from the Lord. Not by strength. Not by might, but by the power of the Spirit unleashed and set free within him.

As in this famous battle, some battles in spiritual warfare are done alone, while others stand by and watch, waiting to see what happens before they commit themselves. Or perhaps they wait in fear and trembling. Some want to be titillated with gory details, longing to share it all with others. Or perhaps they just don’t want to get down and dirty.  Whatever the reason, or thought, too many Christians cherish the ride, but “the laborers are few”. The Lord has made provision for just these very things, because we are, after all His creation. He doesn’t condemn, but he weeps. If He weeps, then who am I to think I don’t have to weep over His Kingdom. If I am afraid to weep, then I can’t be in the battle.

He will give His angels charge over you, to protect you in all your ways~

He will give His angels charge over you, to protect you in all your ways~

What we don’t “see”  in our human frailty is the army of God’s angels sent to help us. An army that lets us have the shout of victory, and calls us beloved heroes in the Kingdom.  They deliver the Good News of our victories  to our Father and the Host. They will keep us from even stubbing our toe! As I bend over to pick up a stone to fit in my sling against the enemy, I am reminded of this.  And I smile.  Imagine! A legion of angels just to encamp around me, to keep me safe.  Will my attack be straight and true? I pray to God it will bash the teeth of the enemy.  Yet, not by my hand, but by the power of the  Holy Spirit alive within me. Thank you, Lord.

You are invited to come with along  on this adventure of war in the heavenlies. We will battle for our blessed land, a country that is piece, by piece being handed over to the enemy.  My husband and I have committed our lives, fighting back-to-back against this terrible darkness that sweeps over our land, like a plague. The Lord gave us the vision in 1980 about the the darkness, that it was thick and sticky, massive and heavy – like tar being poured over His people, over the earth.  But here and there a light shone out, and the tar was peeled back, like an orange. And the light grew brighter and brighter.  His promise was that if His people, called by His name would humble themselves, truly humble themselves and pray… then He would hear their battle cries and send an army of the heavenly host to fight by our side, and  He would heal our land.

Whatever your plans are for today, and for 2013 I pray the Lord will bless you with comfort, peace and joy in all you do. As for me and my house, we will battle for the Lord. Our delight is in the Lord, and in Him we will place all our trust. Yes, we will ride with Him!

He's calling out to His people to ride with Him.. making war in the heavenlies to heal their land.

He’s calling out to His people to ride with Him.. making war in the heavenlies to heal their land.


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