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Published May 11, 2013 by Sunny Rowe
In God's rear view mirror we can see His light is always with us ♥

In God’s rear view mirror we can see His light is always with us ♥

In searching out the Word, the Lord has plenty to say about end times. He tells us about the cause, the effect and what must happen. Over and over again the end times were predicted, as God sent His prophets to teach and show the way.  “If my people…” is a repetitive opener many times in our Biblical history. The end times were terrifying back then, just as they are now.  But more terrifying to us should be the anger of the Lord when we purposefully disobey and chase those things He has taught us are not good for us:  violence, lust, hatred, greed, murder, selfishness, gossip, strife and division. All of this can come under the heading “Power Hunger”.  Even so, even when we are overrun by power hungry, self-serving people, God shows us the way we must handle things, beginning in the rear view mirror of Yawah.



Genesis 6:13 CJB “God said to Noah, “The end of all living beings has come before me, for because of them the earth is filled with violence. I will destroy them along with the earth.

Clear back in the beginning, we were rebellious towards God. We know that Lucifer was also rebellious, and that he tried to divide and stir up the host of heaven against God.  God overruled Lucifer’s intention, and cast him out of heaven.  He kept heaven a holy sanctuary for all eternity; there was no room for sin and corruption there.

So now, Lucifer, alive and angry was ready for a fight. It’s a very deep, dark disturbing story. While satan prowls the black, bottomless pit, he plots and plots in hopes of one day regaining a foothold in heaven and defeating Yawah, his very creator.

He will give his angels charge over you, to protect you in all your ways...

He will give his angels charge over you, to protect you in all your ways…

Enter man, created from God’s blood, in His image for His pleasure. This was flesh and blood, and this was where satan decided to attack, because he knew if he could defeat all of mankind, he would wound God where it hurt the most – in His heart.  So the battle wages.  We might be solely at the mercy of satan, if it weren’t for the blessings and help the Lord has given us:  The Holy Spirit, and guardian angels and the Word of God, which is the sword of God.  We don’t go out as helpless, hapless human beings to fight the big bad monster, do we.? Or do we?

Those help meets come at a price. It is called honoring God and stepping out according to His will.  And He promises we will not be alone; He promises to be with us, and if we persevere, in the end we will be victorious in Him.  “If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray…”

Our sin is upon us in the USA. We have become a lewd country, given to personal lusts of all natures. We have turned our faces from our Lord, God and defied Him in going our own way, then calling it “good”.  We pretend that God has opened doors for us, which He has not. We puff ourselves up and call ourselves “worthy”, while our sins keep raining down around our shoulders.

The Lord will come with cleansing fire ♥

The Lord will come with cleansing fire ♥

Isaiah 10:25 CJB “For in but a little while, my fury will end; and my anger will have destroyed them.”

Isaiah 13:11 CJB  “I will punish the world for its evil and the wicked for their iniquity. I will end the arrogance of the proud and humble the insolence of tyrants.

Deuteronomy 9:14 CJB  “Let me alone, so that I can put an end to them and blot out their name from under heaven! I will make out of you a nation bigger and stronger than they.’

Ezekiel 23:48 CJB  ‘Thus I will put an end to lewdness in the land, so that all women may be taught not to imitate your lewdness.

Ezekiel 7:3 CJB “Now the end is upon you! I will send my anger upon you, I will judge you according to your ways. I will bring on you all your disgusting practices.

god seesWe read about what is happening in the far east, and throughout the world the terrible things man is doing to man. We become frightened, and in the flesh, rightfully so. But God has a bigger and better plan, and He tells us to turn to Him and not worry. He tells us that He has the end planned out, and ready to commence, according to His will. God always sees – His eye is always on His creation.

Job 6:11 CJB “Have I enough strength to go on waiting? What end can I expect, that I should be patient?

Isaiah 46:10 CJB  “At the beginning I announce the end, proclaim in advance things not yet done; and I say that my plan will hold, I will do everything I please to do.

Mark 13:7 CJB “When you hear the noise of wars nearby and the news of wars far off, don’t become frightened. Such things must happen, but the end is yet to come.

I can’t begin to understand all that God has planned, and I know of no other Christian who does, either. And so it comes as a hurtful surprise to me when fellow Christians are angry at me (and others like me) who choose not to rage, and call names, and act in ways which are so contrary to God. I know I do not have the capacity to change anything, except by prayer and good stewardship, accepting with maturity the gift of election.  I have no clue as to go about changing things in Washington, DC.  It has not been something God has assigned me to.  To others, yes. But to nobody has He assigned acting in hatred.  No twists. No personal grieving.  Just a true, passionate desire to return this country to what God intended for it all those years ago, at a time when we so believed God was with us that we even put in on our currency:  In God We Trust.

There is no other way to victory than His way, to love one another ♥

There is no other way to victory than His way, to love one another ♥

How then, can we as Christians share back and forth the spewing of hatred and slander, yet saying in God we trust. How then, as Christians can we expect the sick, lost, hungry, thirsty and seeking to come to know our Lord when we speak out of both sides of our mouths?  Is it any wonder false doctrines are making their way into the people’s hearts, and they are taking up Budhism, and islam and B’Hai, witchcraft and other false religions. And the fault lies exactly at the feet of the Christians, because we disobeyed His final command to go into the world and make disciples, loving one another even to the point of laying down our lives [putting them first]. It isn’t easy, but it can be done, because God requires it, and He doesn’t give us something we can’t handle.

We need to look in the review mirror at past civilizations which have crumbled and disappeared, because they thought they knew better than God. They thought they could do what they wanted, lying about what God wanted and get away with it.  We simply can’t. We need to learn to handle our problems in a Godly manner, pursue the cause and defeat it, but do it in love.  The other way doesn’t seem to be working! Yes, we had better learn, and do it quickly, for that’s how the Lord does it. He comes quickly!

So I will continue to do what the Lord has called me to do, and do it according to His will, to the best of my ability. If I stumble or make a mistake, I know He will give me a helping hand up, and forgive me.  For me there is no other truth than this.

Job 19:25 CJB  “But I know that my Redeemer lives, that in the end he will rise on the dust..”


For I know my Redeemer lives, and in the end He will stand on the earth.. though my flesh it be destroyed, yet with my eyes I will see God, for I know that my Redeemer lives, and I will stand with Him on that day."

For I know my Redeemer lives, and in the end He will stand on the earth.. though my flesh it be destroyed, yet with my eyes I will see God, for I know that my Redeemer lives, and I will stand with Him on that day.”